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FBR’s FTO Gives Hope to Those in Burma, Iraq, and Sudan

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Frontier Alliance International (FAI), an organization with a faith-based mission, engages with the global community to deploy its humanitarian projects. One organization that Frontier Alliance International has collaborated with is the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), a humanitarian organization that helps those living in Burma, Sudan, and Iraq.

In 2016, FBR launched the Free the Oppressed (FTO) Foundation as a fundraising arm to support the organization’s humanitarian activities. FBR was formed in 1997 after Burma Army Offensives military engagements destroyed villages, resulting in fatalities and over 100,000 people fleeing their homes. To stop the Burma Army, the FBR was created with the idea that no person can stop people from loving and caring about one another.

The FBR works with other pro-democracy groups to train and mobilize highly effective multipurpose relief teams. Through FBR’s work, affected areas receive critical care, food, shelter, clothing, and human rights documentation in their home regions.

FTO Foundation accepts both one-time and recurring payments, in addition to taking payments through PayPal. Those who want to donate to this organization can do so through personal checks and cryptocurrency.